SS & Partners

If you have developed a good product and you possess the appropriate
special know-how and you are interested to start-up in the Cameroon market?
We are glad to support and help you to look for suitable business partners.
We facilitate co-operation negotiations and help you to create your commercial plans. Ideally we represent smaller, medium-sized Foreign enterprises in the Cameroon with our company based in Douala, Cameroon.

The activities of the RAMTECGROUP is driven by our four key organizational structures, headed by the chairperson, CEO, Technical Coordinator & the Program Coordinator respectively. These key organization structures work in synergy with one another making good use of the experience Enterprise staffs and consultants who are qualifying experts in the building industry & the socio economic sector.

The key organizational structures are highly involved in the business development, administration, procurement and management of the Enterprise. The Management Board proactively identifies business opportunities & changes in economic environment; gathers feedback; review work processes, make decisions and communicate key points and the enterprise policy to staff and relevant stakeholders promptly.

Our Integrated Human Resource Database helps us to quickly locate, track and report on the activities we carry out as well as up to date reports on our staff and partner companies.

Among the successful services we have provided, the most common issues relate to the following:

  • Workplace matter and investigations
  • Workplace disputes and grievances
  • Work rules and rostering issues and queries
  • Training and Support issues

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