Who We Are

RAMTECGROUP is a One-Stop Service Provider for Planning & Implementation of Services in: contract/ Supply Nonprofit & Community Development Projects, Maintenance, Construction, Supplies, Support Services, IT and Network Solutions, Representation, Safety and Security, Industrial cleaning, Industrial Technicians.
We take advantage of our accumulated working experience and high level expertise to perform quality work, make timely and cost effective delivery to our clients.

What We Do

We create a technical structure to coordinate the execution phase of the project with the responsibilities to:
• Administer the project in terms of government regulatory framework & lay down contractual rules & procedures to manage the project execution program on site.
• Create detail control mechanism to ensure the project resources are specifically & judiciously manage to achieve client’s project objectives and requirements satisfactorily.
• Procure labor, materials & technical equipment necessary for the complete execution of the project.
• Perform quality control work on site, check work on site and give immediate correction, criticize design intent & proposed modification or make design revision, reject work on site which does not conform to professional norms or design specifications.
• Monitor work progress and supervise closely on project budget, timeframe & management schedules and report to client for update and inputs.
• Manage and complete the project within estimate to avoid project cost escalation.


To be a one-stop Service Provider delivering quality services to sustainable development actors.

Leading player: to be first or second in all selected businesses

Global market: to operate on a worldwide scale

Maritime services: to be active in professional services on/around water

Integrated package: to offer customers a family of services tailored to their specific needs.

High perceived added value: to focus on highly regarded specialist services.

We have an integrated database of qualified technicians ready to attend to your needs


To promote developmental projects through mutual cooperation & effectiveness management to achieve standard outcome.

Customers: to deliver high-quality services tailored to customer’s specific needs.

Employee: to offer challenging work and personal development opportunities.

Shareholder: to offer corporate transparency and to create shareholder value.

Partners: to co-operate on the basis of mutual respect and mutual benefit.

Society. To act with due care for the environment and the community.


The activities of RAMTECGROUP is driven by our four key organizational structures, headed by the chairperson, CEO, Technical Coordinator & the Program Coordinator respectively. These key organization structures work in synergy with one another making good use of the experience Enterprise staffs and consultants who are qualifying experts in the building industry & the socio economic sector. The Management Board proactively identifies business opportunities & changes in economic environment; gathers feedback; review work processes, make decisions and communicate key points and the enterprise policy to staff and relevant stakeholders promptly.

Free Consultation

A no obligation consultation gives you the opportunity to talk about your project, so we know how to carry forward.

Flexible Schedule

We are ready to talk, arrange and schedule a meeting with you at your convenience. Call or Contact Us today to schedule a meeting.

Timely Estimates

Our qualified personnel will manage and complete the project within estimate to avoid project cost escalation.

Timely Delivery

We create detailed control mechanisms to ensure project resources are specifically & judiciously manage to achieve client’s project objectives and requirements satisfactorily.

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We are located at Rue Des Bois Des Singes 2357, Bonapriso, Douala, Cameroon